The Message of Two Birds

Several years ago, as my husband stared through our kitchen window, he observed a pair of plump dark-bluish birds sitting
closely together. Not knowing what kind of birds they were , he named them the “love doves.”  Often, he would say “those birds are just like the love we have for each other.”

Years passed  and I can still recall my husband’s comments about the ‘love doves’ and their love for each other.  He would speak of the love we had for each other  over many years of marriage.  He has since gone to be with the Lord.

Today, as I sat alone in the hospital examination room, having just completed a series of  routine tests, I wished that he were sitting next to me while the doctors went over their negative medical reports.  I had several options which the doctors encouraged me to make my decision immediately.  I needed time to think this thing through.

Driving home was a lonely and tearful experience.  I recalled how I supported and loved my husband when he received a negative report from his  doctors.  I immediately moved into the encourager role, helping him to accept and move beyond the doctors’  negative reports.  Ten years of support and encouragement, tender prayers and doctor’s visits became the norm.  But God had other plans for him.

Today, while driving home, tears pouring from my eyes, I wished that my husband was with me to encourage and uplift me at my great time of need……but he was gone to be with the Lord.

Upon my arrival at home, I sat alone, meditating about the doctors’ report and if I should tell the children that day.  I read the report over and over again.  “But I didn’t have any symptoms.”  That is how this dis-ease (disease) works….no symptoms.

I walked into the living room where a huge bay window overlooked  the deck.  All at once I saw a pair of ‘love doves’ sitting on  the railing.  Sitting very closely, they were gazing out into the trees and grass and flowers.  But all of a sudden they turned and peered thru the window and looked directly at me.   I thought, God sent those birds to remind me that I was not alone.  God’s spirit and the spirit of my husband were always with me. 

I began to smile, in faith, knowing that Jesus’ words are true when He said in Hebrews 13:5b “I shall never leave you or forsake you.” So I can and will go on in faith, love of God and the memory of my dear husband because God goes with me.

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