Since 1919, the Metropolitan Christian Council: Detroit-Windsor has played an important role in shaping hearts and minds in our ever-changing society. the Council serves as the Christian voice and witness to promote positive change in Metro-Detroit and Windsor, Canada.

The Council’s focus is on ecumenical dialogue and collaboration, education programs, cultural events, and human services, giving voice to Christian values in our religiously diverse region.

As we look forward to a new century of service in 2019, we will continue to develop and implement methods to better serve the clergy, churches, communions, and citizens of Metropolitan Detroit and Windsor. As we expand and explore new ways to enhance the effectiveness of the Council, we ask for your support, participation and prayers in this important ecumenical endeavor.

Mission Statement

The Metropolitan Christian Council is a Christian organization dedicated to promoting: peace, unity and understanding within communities while dialoguing to increase racial and religious harmony; family values; and economic, social, political and educational equality for all people.

Vision Statement

The Metropolitan Christian Council strives to bring churches together for the purpose of resolving racial and religious issues that plague this country. We value the family unit as the foundation of God’s original plan for mankind, therefore, we are dedicated to teach, preach, and encourage healthy family units. We also value economic, social and educational equality for all people, therefore we are dedicated to serve the needs of the poor and under served community; we encourage educational equality for all youth and we dedicate this ministry to solving the problems of illiteracy, school drop-out rates while disseminating information on higher education.


Rev. Priscilla Carey-Tucker
President & CEO
Rev. Gerald Cardwell
Chairman of the Board
Dianne Steeves
Rev. Cherlyn McKanders
Jack Paulus

Board of Directors

Rev. Charles C. Adams
Vera Beauford
Ron Garlington
Rev. Gene McCornack
Mariann McCornack
Dorothy Smith
Rosa Wynn-Williams
Dion Williams