When Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong

    The Metropolitan Christian Council: Detroit-Windsor joins with thousands of other groups and organizations in denouncing Racism and Anti-Semitism, not only in the United States of America but wherever it raises its ugly head in the world.=

    The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, seem to manifest a lingering racial negativity generated by thoughts and ideals evolving from history long past.  However,  is it possible for  human beings,  living today, to become silent and not denounce the devastating,  debilitating  aftermath of such gross thought patterns and not be moved to denounce diseased rationalizations as demonstrated in Charlottesville? 

    Let us set aside the Constitution of the United States for a moment, which declares, “All men are created equal.”  Common sense plainly tells us by observation, that this is an undeniable truth.   Facts change, but truth remains forever.  All men (and women) want “life, liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness” for themselves and their families.  We know this to be true, but why would any government or group of individuals attempt to abort the basic rights of others?

    Let us claim, decree and declare today, that right is always right and wrong is always wrong.  Let us disembark from narrow thinking and limited planning for certain pre-designated peoples of this country.  There are really more than enough provisions for everyone.  God is the great provider of all needs.

    Racism and anti-Semitism are merely symptoms of those individuals who suffer from low self-esteem and feel the need to keep others beneath them.   Get over it now.  Slavery is over.  Germany lost the war, and Hitler is dead, if we bury him today


Rev. Priscilla Carey-Tucker, Pres.  & CEO,
Metropolitan Christian Council: Detroit-Windsor

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