Enough Is Enough, Is More than Enough

I don’t know about you, but I have had my fill of murders and killings in the cities of America. Every day, as I watch TV, I see one person after another, killed on our streets, in our churches, synagogues and temples. My question is “Who made you God” and who selected you to be judge, jury and executioner?

Now, I am not talking about police killings in this article. I will deal with that topic at a later date. However, I am talking about neighbors, killing neighbors, family members, killing family members, robbers killing storeowners, adults killing kids and kids, killing other kids. What has happened to the sanctity of life? What has happened to the Commandment, admonishing us not to murder? Have we all lost our minds? Enough is enough, is more than enough.

Today, murdering someone seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Society seems to have given its approval of murdering anyone you might have a disagreement with. We have sanctioned the art of taking what does not belong to us…. or killing someone for your own personal gain. Now, come on folks, animals kill…..and WE ARE NOT ANIMALS. Enough is enough is more than enough.

So, are there solutions to this phenomenon? Are there reasons for citizens to feel the need to take a life? Are we totally out of control? Are all of us mentally ill? Is there something in the water causing us to demonstrate this kind of behavior?

God is the giver of life and life is precious. We are created in the image and likeness of God, which means we are all capable of great things. When someone takes a life, that person has no respect for God or for human life. Yes, I know that many brothers and sisters were dealt a bad hand in life, but we can still overcome adversity. We can put our faith and trust in God who is the giver of every good and perfect gift.

If you are reading this article and feel deprived of the bare necessities of life…..stop……think……pray. You too can overcome the problems preventing you from having a better life. You can re-think where you want to go and what you want to do with the life God gave you.

If your anger seems to overtake your reasonable thinking, just pause a moment and thank God that you still have a life. Pray to God who is able meet all your needs abundantly and bountifully.

My word for you today is “Stop and think” before you do something stupid. You do not have to kill or steal. You are looking at the wrong source. God is the source of all your needs.

Rebuild your life on a solid foundation. Rebuild your life by following the Commandments of God. Rebuild your life by developing a life of prayer. You do not have to follow the crowd anymore. Find a good, teaching church and stay with it. And believe me, you will be successful in life…even to the point of helping others to step out of a negative mind set.

Let us pray:

Dear God, I am angry, poor, depressed, and hopeless with feelings of negativity. But God, I believe I can change my thought processes and actions and bring them in line with your Holy Word. I need you now, Dear God….I need You now. I want to do better and I feel I can do better with Your help. So God, come by my house right now, ….come into my heart right now…..I want to change. Thank you God. Amen

(This article is written for both young and old, who are struggling to change negative behavior.) Comments encouraged.

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